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I am Nathan Walker. The people I cherish the most in my life are my wife of ten years, Brandi, and our two beautiful children, Jett and Willow. Brandi and I enjoy the simple things in life — surrounding ourselves with the ones we love, enjoying delicious cuisine and conversation amongst good company, and travelling together.

The object that I value the most is my camera. With my camera, I have been able to capture some of the most cherished moments that we’ve shared together. Through this tool, I hope to share these stories with our children, as well as share my love of photography with you, so that you may share your stories with your family one day.

My job is working as a full time graphic designer, but my passion is being a wedding photographer. I may be biased, but I truly believe that wedding photographers have the best job in the world! When I am invited to document a couple’s wedding day, I get to be amongst two of the happiest people in the world at that particular moment. Along with their loved ones, I am witness to one of the most significant moments in a couple’s love story. As I observe a couple’s wedding day, I aim to capture sincere connections and intimate moments. With cameras being so easily accessible nowadays, anyone can take a picture. My objective, however, is to capture a genuine connection in such a way that your spark is translated into the photograph — so that for years to come, your story will be shared. I hope to capture your wedding timelessly, so that you will be eager to share your love story.

Inspiration is everywhere — in magazines and online, and even through following my peers. I love to see what others create. I follow the work of numerous photographers around the world and I’m inspired by how they see things and how they connect with their subjects. It’s fascinating to see an artist’s representation of a beautiful moment, or an interesting destination.

Although I am based in Edmonton, AB, Canada, I am eager to travel and I am available to document love stories worldwide.

Thank you for visiting. It would be an honour to work with you.

Nathan Walker

California family photo session
California family photo session