I'm so happy you're here. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

It was back in 2007 that I really started taking wedding photography seriously. I had shot a couple of weddings prior to this, but just for friends. It took no time at all to fall in love with shooting weddings. Fast forward thirteen years, and I'm still loving it just the same. I work as a full-time graphic designer by day, and shoot weddings, engagements, and couples sessions on weekends and evenings. As a single parent of two kids, life is often hectic. That is why I currently photograph a maximum of 10 weddings per year.

A perfect day for me would be sipping coffee in the morning sun, followed by a tasty downtown Ramen, then spending the evening outside around the fire with close friends. When I'm not at home with my kiddos, you'll find me in the mountains or boarding a plane for a quick getaway. I live pretty simply, and prefer a quiet night at home vs. a night out on the town.

Life is awesome, and I cannot wait to hear about yours.

father holds his children in his arms
father is playing with his children
father takes selfie of him and his two children


My firstborn. My polar opposite.
Unique in every way and never stops making me laugh.
Currently loving Junior Chicken combo's and Minecraft.

nickname: jetty


My little one. My mini-me.
Seven going on seventeen.
Currently loving everything her brother does.

nickname: losi