Joshua & Naomi

Salisbury Greenhouse Engagement Session
Engagement Photography Saslisbury Greenhouse

Joshua & Naomi

It was 3 days ago, 30 above outside and absolutely beautiful. This Salisbury Greenhouse engagement session in Sherwood Park was so much fun. Our time was spent strolling through the rows of flowers and plants, and finding little corners to snuggle in. Joshua & Naomi are totally awesome – blew my socks off! Kisses, hugs, laughs and giggles – what a blast to photograph. They told me they were nervous but the photos prove otherwise.

Take a look for yourself. I hope you love them as much as I do :)

Special thanks goes to Salisbury for letting us shoot in their beautiful gardens.


engaged couple at Salisbury Greenhouse engaged couple kissing at Salisbury Greenhouse Engagement Photography Salisbury Greenhouse young engaged couple at Salisbury Greenhouse girl with braided hair hugging couple at Salisbury Greenhouse holding hands at Salisbury Greenhouse girl smelling flowers at Salisbury Greenhouse greenhouse engagement session black and white of couple kissing at Salisbury Greenhouse Salisbury Greenhouse Engagement Sesion engaged couple laying down in grass kissing with wind blowing in her hair