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Cody & Madison

It was harvest time, and I have to say, it's my favourite season. The air was crisp and the light was warm and yellow, which is the best light to shoot in. The three of us took a stroll through the fields. We drove around in an '84 GMC. We kicked...

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Brad & Fiona

There are so many great memories from Brad and Fiona's wedding this past May. The little house Fiona got ready in was full of little trinkets and walls full of pictures. I remember Brad putting the record player on, filling their home with beautiful old love songs, as he sat down in their...

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Dave & Liz

Dave and Liz live in the Bahamas. They travelled north to Canada to visit family over the holidays. During their vacation they wanted a Calgary engagement session, and I was thrilled to shoot it for them. Liz loved the idea of having photos taken in a Canadian white winter, since...

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