Brendan + Jane

Intimate Backyard Wedding in Edmonton

Brendan & Jane's intimate backyard wedding in Edmonton was truly so special. Picture stunning florals and candles displayed perfectly on the stone fireplace. Imagine a handful of family and friends seated on wooden benches, and the most beautiful autumn light spilling through the backyard trees. It was an actual dream, and I had a silly grin on my face the entire time.

Covid has definitely been a blessing and a curse. While it's shattered hopes and dreams of massive weddings and celebrations, the plus side is that it's allowed couples the chance to really celebrate what a wedding is all about - their love for one another, and us wedding photographers have certainly enjoyed this aspect. Brendan & Jane's wedding was exactly that, and I'm honored to have been a part of it.

Congrats Brendan & Jane - your intimate backyard wedding in Edmonton was one I'll never forget!

“He caught all of the magical moments at the ceremony and I feel like I’m watching our day unfold as I go through the photos. Nathan was very easy to communicate with and very professional. I can see this is a true passion of his.”

backyard wedding in edmonton with candles around the fireplace
signing table sitting in the backyard
backyard wedding flowers and candles on fireplace
wedding benches in a row in the backyard
candles and wedding bouquets on fireplace
dad walks daugher down the aile in backyard
backyard wedding vows
couple saying their vows in the backyard
bride and groom share first kiss in backyard
married couple celebrating their wedding in the backyard
bride and groom smile with their dog in the backyard
band surprises bride and groom in the backyard
band plays in backyard covid wedding
bride and groom watch a band play
trumpet player at backyard wedding
family portrait in edmonton backyard wedding
bride and groom show off rings at their wedding
bride and groom enjoying a glass of champagne
bride and groom enjoying the band play while drinking champagne
groom twirls bride and looks at her dress
bride holds bouquet and walks through a field
groom kisses brides nose
bride and groom kiss while drinking champagne
wedding party cheer with champagne glasses
groom picking up his bride
groom kisses brides hands
edmonton river valley bride and groom
bride and groom kiss with edmonton river valley in background
edmonton bride and groom with river valley below
edmonton river valley in fall wedding photography