Roozbeh + Sofia

Winter Wedding in Invermere

I love shooting weddings in the snow, especially in the mountains! So when Roozbeh and Sofia contacted me about their winter wedding in Invermere, I was all in! I have to say, their venue, House of the Friesians was the most unique wedding venue I've ever shot in. Picture a massive wood barn with bedrooms for all your guests, saddles and horse tack hanging on the walls, wood fired hot tubs, you name it. What a place!

A ton of snow fell during the night, which made everything feel magical and so picturesque the next morning. The mountains and trees were really the perfect backdrop for this winter wedding.

Roozbeh and Sofia - thank you so much for the incredible experience. Coming halfway across the world to have your winter wedding in Invermere certainly paid off!

“Nathan captured every smile, every tear, and every cheer. He is a kind, thoughtful, dependable, creative, fearless, and a true professional.”

Sheena Rae Beauty doing makeup on bride
wedding dress hanging on door
bride sitting in chair getting her hair and makeup done
bride putting on her dress
bride standing while putting her veil on
horse drawn carriage bring bride to the ceremony
friesian horses in invermere bringing bride to the ceremony
bride and groom greet each other at the ceremony
bride and groom exchange rings during their winter wedding in invermere
bride and groom have first kiss during their winter wedding
bride standing in the snow holding her wedding bouquet
bride and groom walking the snow holding hands
bride and groom walk in the snow together
newlyweds pose in the snow for a portrait
groom kissing his bride on the forehead standing in the snow
bride and groom hold each other in the snow with the mountains behind them
bride and groom walking together while the bride looks back and smiles
bride leans her back against groom and touches his face
groom kisses bride in the snow while holding her arm
groom and bride standing on a snow covered road
newlyweds walking together on a snowy road holding hands
bride and groom kissing on the snowy winter road
wedding banquet table in invermere
mother of the bride holding a drink and smiling
bride and groom watch slideshow during their reception
wedding guests raise their glasses during a toast in invermere
bride and groom kiss at the head table during their reception
bride hugs her mother during their wedding reception